Hillary Carlip is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her career has taken many successful twists and turns; as a best-selling author, a visual artist with works in museums and notable private collections, and as an award-winning digital innovator.

Her current passion is collage animation/motion design, combining analog, often vintage and handcrafted ephemera with digital technology, marrying the old and the new.

No matter the medium, a consistent theme flows throughout Hillary’s work, which is to inspire, motivate, and empower others to tell their own stories, nurture and explore their own voices, and take creative action. Always unconventional, and often considered a thought leader, Hillary continues to push the boundaries of imagination.

The Wall Street Journal has called Hillary and her work, "Humorous, touching and insightful;" Chicago Tribune: "Gloriously idiosyncratic." The New York Times declared, "Ms. Carlip's curriculum vitae reads like a CliffsNotes version of American Popular culture,” and the New York Daily News said, "Carlip is 10,000 miles ahead of every other writer: She's a visionary."

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