Zine Scene

→ Winner American Library Association Award
→ Included in the "alt.youth.media" show at the New Museum for Contemporary Art (NYC)
→ Co-written with award-winning acclaimed author Francesca Lia Block and designed by Hillary

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For amateurs and the accomplished, even devout aficionados, Zine Scene offers an insider's account of the blood, sweat, and determination it takes to envision, create, and maintain a do-it-yourself publication. Co-written by Hillary Carlip and Francesca Lia Block (and designed by Hillary Carlip), Zine Scene is both a tribute, including scores of examples, and a how-to guide to the unpredictable, unedited, and uninhibited world of zines.

"…The emphatic, lasting message of this punky paean to self-publishingand indeed the battle cry of zinesters themselvesis to be yourself, whatever that may be, with self-confidence, sass, and style." Brangien Davis, Amazon.com editor


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